Veterinary Teleconsulting service

A trained ultrasonographer of the Veterinary Heart Institute will schedule a time to come to your practice for an echocardiogram. This service will allow you to schedule routine echocardiograms at your own practice. Dr. Pelosi will review the studies and make recommendations to your primary doctor. This service will enhance your portfolio of services while allowing the Veterinary Heart Institute to provide you with the excellence in cardiology service that we are proud of. The cost to the client is significantly less, you will benefit from this service while receiving a quality standardized echocardiographic study, read by your local cardiologist, Dr. Pelosi. If the case is complicated, the case can be conveniently referred to Dr Pelosi for further evaluation.

What is teleconsulting?

Teleconsulting is defined by AVMA as a subcategory of telehealth. With the advancement of technology, several modalities of remote education, care and way to deliver medical information have been explored and developed.

A veterinarian with a VCPR (Veterinary-Client-Patient-Relation) has the professional discretion to consult with specialists or other consultants.

This practice allows Dr. Pelosi to review an echocardiogram and give advise directly to you. It is not a substitution to the complete cardiac assessment but allows to complement the care for our pets.

How is this different from telemedicine ?

Telemedicine is also a subcategory of telehealth that involves use of a tool to exchange medical information electronically from one site to another to improve a patient’s clinical health status.

How is the teleconsulting offered by the Veterinary Heart Institute different compared to other forms of local echocardiographic services?

The echocardiographic study is done following the same principles, with the same accuracy and care offered by Dr Pelosi herself. Because there is some missing pieces of information which are intrinsic to this technique itself even if the echocardiograpm is done following those principle, the echocardiogram has a lower price. The quality control of our group, the presence of the cardiologist, Dr Pelosi, close by and the standardized studies make the difference between us and the other local groups.

Again, the question is raised again, if your own son, daughter, significant other, pet, had cardiac disease would you want the test done and read by someone who is either not trained, or in a different state, only receiving a fraction of the full picture? Obviously if there was not alternative, anything is better than nothing, but fortunately, we have this amazing service right at your door.

To schedule an appointment, please call us at (561) 670-0249 or (904) 562-1375 .